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About our project


Before you design a very tasty & interesting. Secrets of confectionery excellence and gastronomic establishments criticism Sochi. Independent opinion of the most regular visitors. All for your comfortable and pleasant stay.

The site is dedicated to the culinary arts, namely, creativity confectionery business. Author’s project Teplyakov Group represents the interests and aspirations «just pastryHere, your assessment presented places of the city and copyrights recipes. Put estimates on the total medal count is automatically displayed on a 5-point scale.

The project — a gastronomic critic institutions Sochi. Independent opinion of the most regular visitors in the face of the founders of the site, gives a realistic assessment of cafes, bars and restaurants. The final grade after measuring all the positive and negative criteria is 5-point scale. Consider the location, design & decor, service, variety of dishes, the taste, appearance, and of course price. All the information stated in the article to the institution. Our opinion is not the only, and is not necessarily true, let’s discuss and decide what is worth this or that institution. Still, the guest is always right

You are our assessment of enterprises and recipes, as well your overall grade point average in the medals of feijoa.

Kindly requested not to use profanity in comments. All the files are copyrighted.

Thank you!