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Author’s dessert recipes

Desserts are fashionable & demand. To date, confectionery has an industry with their trends and innovations. It’s hard to come up with something new, but it is quite possible, though what is new is well forgotten old, with a little change or addition. In fact, everything is possible, the main thing to love your job. Variations cooking sweets enormous, a lot of technology in our world and how many wonderful products… This activity can be a profession or a hobby, but it’s certainly a creative activity.

I like to bake. Pastry are my favorite things.

Don’t forget this is the work with a living product, all have to do with the soul. Always use fresh and quality products. (Of course you can make candy from the «shit», but it will be candies with «crap»)… onfectionery is very delicate matter, you should always follow the recipe. Here is the author’s recipes, which I know from professional confectioners or old home archives. For me, «homemade» desserts are the best. Recipes will be constantly updated, as all my prof development. Write me your questions about recipes, always happy to answer. Here are simple to prepare, but very tasty recipes, just cook with pleasure…