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Gastronomic guide to Sochi

Sochi — is my native city, thanks to the Olympic Games, already famous & perspective. Sochi has always been a beautiful resort with an extraordinary nature and developed infrastructure. Gastronomic world of city develops, the enterprises competes and thus improved.

I’m not a critic. My task to advise you on a suitable restaurant, cafe or bar to relax. All articles is only my independent opinion. A council of ordinary visitor, in my face, may be useful as for restaurant, well as for the guest. Pictures as presented in the original, well, except that my company logo inserted. Often, food fotos from the restaurants, cafes and bars, looks different than in the fact. Remember, that many restaurants are open only during the hot season, I will clarify this information. It happens that after the publication of the article, some aspects varied. For example, I complimented a certain dish, and then updated the range and it is gone. Or something didn’t like me, I wrote about this, the management institution has listened and made changes. It isn’t only nice, but also commendable, as it shows the professional level of the enterprise and its relation to the guest. So, get ready for this kind of inaccuracies, correct me in the comments, I will be grateful. My opinion isn’t always right, but if I have written, mean I ready to argue about it. Reputation is important for me, I’m always honest, but appreciate sometimes quite hard. I don’t write about the bad restaurants, so all the best for you. «Food as sex, just more delicious»…