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Just a confectioner

My name is Vlad Teplyakov. I`m a creator of project «Teplyakov group» (made in Sochi).

«I frankly consider myself as a gourmet, sometimes I even try to convince my surroundings. I adore food, and the reason is because it is delicious. For me cooking is — art, it is unique in creating and marvelous in eating! I don’t know what’s my mission in this life but I try to devote myself in things that I am interested in and in some ways they can develop me in a better way. My basic work (my daily routine) is cooking. I am a confectioner, as well as a journalist in sphere of gastronomy critics and also a photographer. Making people happy with something tasty and delightful is what I usually do.»

my professional biography:

  • In Sochi I`m working with a group of restaurants Giorgi Khvistani «London Restaurant Grop» in various positions…
  • Led by Alex Logachov , I`m a PR-Manager in the sphere of social networking.
  • Under the leadership of brand- chief Timur Agzamov, Iwas a sous-chef at the company «LRG» Restaurant «Hmeli & Suneli».
  • Under the leadership of the Pastry Chef of restaurant «LRG» Zuhra Karamanova trained and worked as a pastry chef in the «Bar London» to «Pastry Boutique».
  • I`m regularly pass refresher courses, usually, at home haute cuisine, in France.
  • Under the leadership team brand-chef and restaurateur Philip Borer I worked in Strasbourg together with chef and pastry chef Frederick Klein. Mostly in Colmar or Rouffach, Alsace region.
  • From journalistic experience: I worked in such publications as «Welcome to Sochi», «Ogni bolshogo Sochi», «DOROGOE», «Iskusstvo Potrebleniya» and «GT» with articles about restaurants of the city.