Autor’s recipes

Desserts are trendy & in demand. Today, the confectionery business is an industry with its own trends and innovations. It is difficult to come up with something new, but it is quite possible, although most often some kind of new dessert is a well-forgotten old one, let slightly modified or added. In fact, everything is possible, the main thing is to love your work. Variations in making sweets colossal, how much technology in our world and how many wonderful products … This occupation can be a profession or just a hobby, but it is undoubtedly always creativity! I myself love to bake. It is the products from the test for me the most favorite.

Do not forget that this is work with a living product, everything must be done with soul. Always use only fresh and high quality products. (Of course, you can make candy out of «shit», but it will be candy with «shit»). Confectionery is very delicate, always follow the recipe exactly, there are things that you need to feel, but this is secondary. Here are the original recipes which I collect in my work with professional confectioners or from old home archives. For me it’s «home» desserts are the best. Recipes will be constantly updated, all as my professional development. Write your questions about recipes, always happy to answer. Before you are simple to prepare, but very tasty sweets, the main thing is to cook with pleasure…

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