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lush camomile with poppy
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The recipe of dough is based on “cinnabon” buns with cinnamon. I described there possible methods for preparing pastries. A baking feature is a variety of muffins.

I always advise to improvise and try new things. Play with recipes, experiment and change for the better. This variant is one example of how a couple of little things essentially change a dessert.

Regarding the filling it is «melomak». Namely, the so-called «poppy stuffing» (pure poppy is prohibited). This variant is already recycled mixture. You remain knead it with boiling water to desired consistency.

And yet, prepare a prescription with a few changes.

The main nuances of the following:


Add more yeast from the basic recipe, for example 16 grams.


knead dough without a meal, but only with oil, roll out the dough in the same way it is considerably soften the mass.


Leave the dough to breathe longer, infuse not less than two times an hour, and especially a third time in the form of loaves for baking.

bon appetite…


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