Gastronomic Sochi guide

Sochi is my hometown, thanks to the Olympics and subsequent events, the already famous & perspective. Sochi has always been a beautiful resort with extraordinary nature and developed infrastructure. The gastronomic world of the city is developing, enterprises compete and improve due to this.

I am not a critic. My task is to advise you on a suitable restaurant, cafe or bar for relaxation. All articles are solely my independent opinion. The advice of an ordinary visitor in my person can be useful both for the institution and for the guest. Photos are also presented in the original, well, except that my company logo is inserted. Often, dishes on the site from a restaurant, cafe or bar, as well as on the menu, look different than in fact. Remember that many enterprises work only during the hot season, for such criteria there will be clarification with the opening hours. It happens that after the publication of the article, some aspects change. For example, I praised some dish, and then the assortment was updated and it no longer exists. Or I didn’t like something, I wrote about it, the management of the institution listened and made changes. This is not only pleasant, but also commendable, as it shows the professional level of the enterprise and its attitude towards the guests’ opinion. In general, be prepared for such inaccuracies, correct me in the comments, I will be grateful. My opinion is not always correct, but if I wrote, I’m ready to argue about it) … Reputation is important to me, I’m always honest, although I sometimes evaluate quite harshly. I don’t write about bad places at all, so the best for you. «Food is sex, only much tastier» …

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