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Pastry boutique
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Here it is a Paradise for gourmets — wonderful desserts for all tastes. Everything is so beautiful, so appetizing, and so expensive. French «macaroni» desert 60-80 RUB each, branded berry tartlet 250 RUB, a cup of coffee about 150 RUB. This desserts are only enough to whet your appetite. I always take away two tartletsand about ten «macaroni», it`s minimum. Now calculate the average bill. For 150 RUB in the supermarket you can buy a cake.

I was convinced that in our city for a small price-nothing good to find, but high prices not always promise a quality product. In «Pastry Boutique» all desserts are fabulous: a variety of pastries, cakes, cookies, buns, pies, sweets, ice-cream, and a lot of sweet joys. I can`t to list all…Desserts preparing from early morning in the «Bar London», then delivered to the boutique. All fresh for the sweet-tooth. Longer than one day, the product is not stored, the rule of production. In addition to the beautiful is coffee «ILLY» and excellent tea «Althaus» (which you can also buy like a set). In the small glassed-room where sell it all, of course no smoking.

There’s only five tables placed and a pretty figure of full boy, who standing naked. Waiting for the order, you can go to the beautiful «Syndicate» veranda and wait for your order on the cosy sofa made of wood with white fluffy pillows. On the other side is «Burgershop Grill & Coffee», it is a quality fast food, made on an open grill. There you can also to sit and to order desserts from neighboring boutique. I advise you «Pastry boutique» as the ideal place where you can enjoy delicious desserts and the finest coffee. Especially recommend perfect «English» and «chocolate-banana» cakes and pies…

Thanks to Zuhra Karamanova, our sorceress (the chief-confectioner of restaurant LRG) for a huge range of fresh and tasty desserts. Recently, added fresh pastries, incredibly delicious Danish (buns of puff pastry with cream and other flavors), cupcakes and cakes from the pastry with berries. Of course, lemon pie — it is very tasty, well, if you are very lucky, you will be taken to a special pie with custard & apricots. Enjoy your meal.

Enjoy your vacation!

Pastry boutique
Average bill without alcohol: 300-500 RUB
Cuisine: desserts French, Italian, English, Russian and original cuisine
Address: Ordzhonikidze street 6, near steak-house SYNDICATE, on the territory of the Luna Park
Parking: paid storey parking - 50 RUB/hour
Working hours: from 09.00 till 23.00
Phone: 237-00-10 (telephone number of the restaurant Syndicate)
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