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From the opening of the site I stopped to put points independently, the general evaluation from each opinion is considered now. But I think this time it would be close to 5. To write “I like it” is the same that to write nothing… I love it! The very name is original and interesting. Well, these words can characterize all components of the restaurant. For me it is now the favourite place for having something tasty in one row with Hmeli & Suneli. Of course they are different, but there are some similar features. The rank of the “favourite” from me is a big rarity.

The restaurant was opened by the owners of the trattoriya Fettuccine which is nearby. And again easy similarity is noticeable — in the luxury of furniture and the style of the open kitchen. We will begin with “direction”: the restaurant is designed for elite public and prices promote it especially. But don’t think that prices don’t correspond to the quality — they more than justify themselves. Especially if compare it with the other restaurants where it is much worse, but more expensive… Modern catering establishments, no matter what level is it, have to possess individuality and stand out. At the same time they have to be fashion-oriented and to create dishes in the interests of the guests. The restaurant Baran-Rapan was created by professionals – people who are interested in development of the restaurant, llike and know their business. Stylishly, comfortably, sometimes unusually, and it is fine. Now about food: the restaurant offer seasonal cuisine which is based on local products. The similar tendency reminds the above mentioned Hmeli & Suneli. The restaurant support too this challenging initiative, but for me it is an indicator that the restaurants of the city raise a level.

The level of the restaurant business grows and it pleases me to distraction. The competition, in one row with sanctions, gives rise to the new directions in policy and style of public catering. The chef of the presented restaurant can be proud of his gastronomic collection by rights. The menu pleases visually as well as by contents. It is possible to appreciate meat dishes and seafood deservedly. Unusual, but again familiar, food presentation and tremendous taste. The title of the restaurant justifies a set of important details, for example, hostess (the person welcoming guests) at the entrance and cloakroom, excessively courteous waiters, existence of the speciality compliments (small snack from the chef for aperitif), the variety of fraget and, of course, different types of oil and bread on a table in order not to die because of hunger waiting for dishes, which, in this case, justified expectation too. I liked everything – something more, something less. In one row with small defects positive aspects overshadow them in every possible way. Separate gratitude for the wonderful sorbets which were served in the intervals of the orders. This is for the refreshment of the taste sensor, courteous as expected… I have had an occasion to enjoy similar, but as often as not it is lime (citrus) sorbet. In this case we were offered lemon one that was expected. And also long ago I prepare a feijoa to which I am not indifferentand cook it myself. And the most interesting one – arrowwood sorbet… Of course, it is bitter and acrid, but for some reason I remembered as in the childhood we picked these red berries from a tree in great-grandfather’s garden and mixed this “vile thing” with sugar in other case it was absolutely impossible to eat it. Well, perhaps it is too sentimental for me))).

But probably it is important, the whole essence of the local products is in it and in seasonal dishes also. As for the desserts, charlotte with tangerines stands out from the range at once. I expected more in this case, first tableware can be unusual. But while I was running up and down the floors in search of the necessary light for a photo, ice cream and sauce melted slightly, they simply flew down from all sides. Besides there was a wish to try the real pastries, and in reality it was simplified variant from a siphon (a culinary container for sauces). Besides it reminded service in Hmeli & Suneli where the excellent variant of the real biscuit was replaced with the same. Put a mixture in the container, blend it, press under pressure and put in a microwave. We get magnificent dead mass. And I think in this case it is more expediently to clean slices of tangerines from the peel. Desserts is tasty in general, but personally I was more pleased with look. It is certainly talent to make a rich composition from a ball of ice cream, I estimated. I recommend strongly Baran-rapan — perspective restaurant and very worthy!

Enjoy your vacation!

Average bill without alcohol: 1.500 - 3.000 RUB
Cuisine: the chef Andrey Kolodyazhniy’s cuisine, from the range of the local products, the menu divides into meat dishes and seafood
Address: 11 Teatralnaya Street (without reaching to Winter Theatre, the turn from Ordzhonikidze)
Parking: available
Working hours: from 12:00 till 00:00 (i.e. till midnight) or to the last client
Phone: 225-50-25
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