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Chaihona № 1
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The famous chain of restaurants of Timur Lansky- it`s a variety of oriental cuisine with modern innovations, home comfort and fashion trends. Exclusive national dishes and incredible design. For today, very little that in the restaurant is delicious and beautiful,there ought to be fashionable and exclusively. «Chaihona № 1″enjoying success in the capital, there was founded more than 15 companies under these start. And finally in Sochi, we can estimate the legendary restaurant network. When I first went to the Сhaihona № 1, I was thinking about that can amaze me. The expectation was justified in virtually everything. Sochi representative network «Chaihona № 1» is able to give odds Moscow enterprises. Unusual and very beautiful design & decor, considered to detail and brought to perfection. One feels that put in a lot of effort and soul into creating that image. But, in addition, we have a big interest to appearance, food and service …

As we know, for example, the Georgian / Caucasian cuisine is based on pork meat (pig), while Eastern cuisine is based on dishes from mutton (lamb). Therefore, in this restaurant, it makes sense to try the whole range of dishes from the lamb. I like this meat, but none of my friends do not share my preferences. Well, in the process of tasting they radically changed their opinion. Usually people do not like lamb because it is not pleasant «flavor», but not many people know that good meat (whatever it was), with proper handling and preparation of special — smells good! I advise all of: pilaf samsa, lamb and other grilled mutton. If I only remember the names of the dishes, but I think it’s impossible.

The names is original, and there is little to understand anything, but on the menu are described in detail the components and the waiter gladly tell you about any dish. The service is professional. Without much fuss and words. I don`t like when people serve like a «machine» with sharpened movements and with learned by rote menu. Here everything is home-made, really. Speaking of home, in CHAIHONA accepted to sit long time, although the dishes are cooked quickly. You can play a game of backgammon. I was very surprised when we brought a playing kit and offered to play. This is interesting and unusual. From a range of around a worthy choice, from drinks to desserts. Although sweets me don`t surprised, it was delicious, but no more. However national desserts, namely Caucasian and East, don`t surprised me. I’m a fan of baklava, but the Uzbek version of this dish I didn`t hit the spot. But baking is exceptional.

You also cannot ignore the range of hookahs and variations the method of its preparation. You can choose the filling, flavour and a cup.
I advise this institution as a place where guests can eat and spend time.

Enjoy your vacation!

Chaihona № 1
Average bill without alcohol: 700-1.500 RUB
Cuisine: a little European, but the basis is Uzbek cuisine
Address: Primorskaya street 16, (on the site of the former restaurant Vody Lagidze”, near the hotel «Primorskaya», after the confectionery)
Parking: unfortunately there is no parking
Working hours: from 11.00 – 02.00
Phone: 927-55-55
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