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Fettuccine Trattoria
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Like many lovers of Italian cuisine in our country — I like pizza, pasta, and especially Italian desserts. Contrary to the views of a bygone fashion this сuisine, I’m sure if the restaurant is really high quality, delicious and democratic — then success is assured.This restaurant is a trattoria that is simple Italian restaurant or rather a good cafe.

Let’s start with the design and appearance. The sustained style of the brand: nice soft colors, wood, open kitchen. It’s feeling comfortable wealthy home, with homemade food, but at a high level. It is fashionable to serve meals on wood, stone, parchment — so close to nature. In the restaurant are placed little colored pumpkins, it’s a kind of zest. Also, there is pasta — fresco presented directly in the hall. On the way to the restroom is souvenir bench, consisting of any unnecessary, but fun little things from Italy. As usual, the restroom for me it is a serious indicator of creativity. In fact, nothing special, but still terribly uncomfortable wipes for hands (better to put towels). Back in the hall.

By the way, there is also a good veranda. As for the «open kitchen». In fact, this is very interesting, but I have more than simply shock! Cooks loudly discuss their questions; from under the caps stick out hair; you can also see the cooks discontent when the order comes with sophisticated refinements. You should not do it! Here’s an example, a friend wanted a salmon, in the menu is very poor choice of fish, but there is a dish «duo of salmon & sea bass.» In fact, it’s sea bass wrapped in salmon, so the waiter came up to four times and discussed the possibility of cooking. About dishes.

The menu is repelled by the season and it is commendable, because offers are frequently updated. The pizza is very tasty, especially the dough, it’s a good flour.Pasta, like in Italy, «undercooked» for local guests is not very familiar, and for me too, but you can ask and they cook it and bring in the preferred form. I don`t particularly like the sauce, it almost doesn`t mix with pasta and was too runny, all three times on all three different pastas. I recommend Focaccia. It isn`t the usual flatbread, but rather a bun resembling lavash. Fish, like meat, perfectly cooked. Salad «Caprese» look and taste great, just eat out of a deep dish is uncomfortable.

Well, now the main thing for me – desserts! The first thing, I order — tiramisu. It was tender, slightly watery, but the balance is right. Next, similarity cookies «biscotti», which is three times a week I cook myself. I do not remember its name, but you can lose your teeth. Serves me very cute girls. I, as usual pestering them with questions, but they reacted surprisingly professional. What follows is sugary-sweet cake with figs, which did not save even ice cream. It is a square of puff pastry with slices of fetal fig tree. By the way, before dessert, I usually order sorbet flavored lime or lemon, it is for preparing the taste buds for dessert. And I advise you to practice it, sorbet was great.

Now, perhaps, my favorite of Italian and probably the easiest dessert — Panna cotta. It looked beautiful: mango puree perfectly dilutes the color, leaf of mint and wonderful sauce. In order to dessert was piquant, they added pistachios. Following, a very interesting dish — pear carpaccio with crispy cannoli. I really like these tubes and waited for them impatiently. It was the last of all that I ordered, everything depended on this dessert. And I like it! Sweet, crunchy, with delicate notes of honey and cream, little pears to complement and sauce. Terrific ensemble, very thin and tasty. I’m very nasty guest, but no less honest. I like this restaurant and I hope for the development and success of «Fettuccine». I advise.

Enjoy your vacation!

Fettuccine Trattoria
Average bill without alcohol: 900 - 1.000 RUB
Cuisine: Italian homemade (the company aims to present a national Italian cuisine with seasonal updates)
Address: Teatralnaya street 11 (to the right of Zimniy thatre)
Parking: there, but very little
Working hours: 10:00 – 00:00
Phone: +7 862 225-50-25
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