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Hmeli & Suneli
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This company is named after the famous Caucasian spices — another ingenious project of restaurant London Restaurant Group under the leadership of George Khvistani and Kondyrev Alexei.

Something new is always interesting, or in this case is also unique. It is the restaurant of «Sochi cuisine». I have often heard the criticism about what it is a cuisine, and from what it suddenly is called «Sochi cuisine». So, in assortment of the restaurant there is actually all homemade cuisine of Russian, Georgian, Armenian, Uzbek, and even the Italian cuisines. Isn’t it in our city people like?

We should not compare the dishes of «Hmeli & Suneli» with traditional national dishes, because all the dishes either author`s, on the basis of famous, either modernized on the taste of visitors. Cuisine is constantly being improved, there are seasonal trends and interesting author offers from brand-chief Agzamov Timur.

Design is made in the same style: a beautiful design in green and beige colors, lots of wood and pastel colors, soft furnishings and with lots of interesting details. Very nice and original presentation of food. And again wood, stone, parchment, clay and even straw. Modern and unusual. But most importantly — inexpressibly delicious.

Some positions course lend themselves to discussion, but the Caesar salad with chicken, homemade pelmeni, grilled fillet of chicken or lamb, a variety of kabab, chebureki with beef, traditional cakes it is a delight! And desserts, such simple and wonderful … Brand «Smetannik» with shortcakes from carrot, candied fruit and cinnamon; homemade «Napoleon» with custard or «Medovik» with buckthorn cream — guaranteed a gastronomic orgasm.

This restaurant — is a welcoming home with a large assortment of colorful dishes from the wood-fired oven, on the grill and out of the boiler. Bar pleases with a wide variety of drinks, with special cocktails and soft drinks. Tarkhun is own cooking, stewed fruit and fruit drinks. Coffee on the sand and wonderful teas. On your choice are the main hall with a partially open kitchen, and a summer terrace, where you can also enjoy the hookah.

On weekends we also have live entertainment in the form of an open dinner for friends or a culinary master class for your children. «Hmeli & Suneli»
one of my favorite restaurant! Worthy project. Is worth to visit & try!

Enjoy your vacation!

Hmeli & Suneli
Average bill without alcohol: 700 – 1000 RUB
Cuisine: Sochi, range of the Russian, Caucasian and a bit of Eastern cuisines
Address: Rose street 57 (next to cafe)
Parking: unfortunately there is no parking, but the restaurant right beside the road, so you can take the risk
Working hours: 10:00 - 01:00
Phone: 235-51-11
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