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Achma Bar — is a gastrobar in the concept of Caucasian cuisine and home comfort. The institution has a panoramic view of the sea, as it is located literally on the beach. There is live music, a cinema on the terrace and a children’s room. But the main thing is taking care of the guests!

+7 (964) 941-11-19
Sochi, Central district, st. Primorskaya 1A

Badyan Bar —  is a gastrobar in the concept of a bakery with author’s desserts. The establishment is stylish and special attention is paid to coffee and its diversity. The highlight of the coffee house is the spicy aroma and variety of sweets without sugar, gluten or any chemical additives. But the main thing is the taste of products for the positive emotions of each guest!

+7 (918) 904-96-39
At the moment, Badian Bar is changing location. Information about the new address will appear soon.

Samsa Bar — is a gastrobar in the concept of oriental classics with a real tandoor. In the hall there is an open kitchen and the dough is stretched in a show format. The highlight of the institution is talented chefs and farm ingredients with halal meat. But the main thing is the availability and quality that always make guests smile!

The project is temporarily suspended.
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