Chef confectioner

Here is Vlad Teplyakov, the ideologist of the Teplyakov group project (made in Sochi).

«I frankly consider myself a gourmet, sometimes I even try to convince others of this. I love food, probably because it’s delicious. For me, cooking is an art, unique in creating and extraordinary in eating. I don’t know what my vocation is, but I try to devote myself to things that are interesting to me and at least a little capable of developing me for the better. The basis of my work is cooking, I am a confectioner, also a journalist in the field of gastronomic criticism and a food photographer. To bring joy to people with something tasty or interesting, this is what I do.»

My professional biography:

  • In Sochi, I work with Georgy Khvistani's London Restaurant Grop restaurant group in various positions ...
  • Under the leadership of Alexey Logachev, PR manager in the field of social networks from LRG enterprises.
  • Under the leadership of brand chef Timur Agzamov, sous chef at the LRG enterprise in the Khmeli & Suneli restaurant
  • Under the guidance of the pastry chef of the LRG restaurant Zukhra Karamanova, he trained and worked as a pastry chef in Bar London to Confectionery Boutique.
  • I often do internships to improve my skills. As a rule, in the homeland of haute cuisine, in France ...
  • Under the leadership of the team of brand chef and restaurateur Philippe Borer, he worked in Strasbourg with the chef and pastry chef Frederic Klein, most often in the city of Colmar or Rouffac, Alsace region.
  • From journalistic experience, he worked in such publications as "Welcome to Sochi", "Lights of Greater Sochi", "EXPENSIVE pleasure", "Art of Consumption" and "GT" with review articles of the city's establishments.
  • Developed and implemented the dessert menu of the summer enterprise of Italian home cooking "Trattoria".
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